Thekla, Bristol

“Judging by the response they got at the “Thekla”, Gee Baby I Love You deserve their reputation as Bristol’s leading soul band. Their impressive array of soul and blues covers kept the enthusiastic audience on their feet and bopping away for the entire one and a half hour set. Although the music is not exactly original, the whole band give their all and the showmanship is superb; routines from the brass section; jaunts through the audience and wonderfully contorted facial expressions, combine to make great entertainment. This is sadly lacking in many “big” bands who fail to reproduce the magic of their music on stage. Only two members originate from Bristol, but the band have worked together here for several years. I, for one, am grateful that bands like Gee Baby, who so obviously enjoy what they do, are still alive and kicking and giving audiences what they deserve.” Thekla Bristol