“..this powerful 8 piece soul band..” – Karen Davies

“Gee Baby, I Love You… I thought that would grab your attention! As will this powerful 8 piece soul band who, over the past few years have established themselves as one of Bristol’s classiest and most dynamic live band’s. Much in demand on the London college circuit as well as the West Country,

Gee Baby have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the covers market, which they perform with passion and respect. The result is an integrity of sound that the original songwriter would be proud of. Fronting the band is J.O., a chameleon-like showman of the first order, whose distinctive and hard hitting vocals are ideally complemented by legendary horns, scorching drums and funky guitar. Performing with energy and enthusiasm, Gee Baby add a new dimension to such classics as ‘Tequila’ and ‘Give me some lovin” whilst at the same time, breathing new life into less well known numbers. It’s a show with an emphasis on style as well as content.” Karen Davies

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